• Image of A Fun Food Friends Adventure
  • Image of A Fun Food Friends Adventure
  • Image of A Fun Food Friends Adventure
  • Image of A Fun Food Friends Adventure

There is always an invitation from Fun Food Friends to walk the colourful brick road of Ice Cream Street throughout Fun Food Land. Every day is a tasty one with yummy food smells, delicious flavours and a lot of sweetness.

However, there is a bad fry who’s come to town and he’s up to no good. Larry, a spoiled and rotten fry, is a trouble maker. He always ruins happy towns. His latest town to target is Fun Food Land.

Somehow Larry has joined the rest of the Fry Friends living under French-E-Fry’s hat. French-E-Fry owns the Poutine Café and enjoys cooking for everyone in Fun Food Land. He also loves the Fry Friends and they love him.

One by one though, Larry turns the Fry Friends bad, and this is poisoning French-E-Fry’s mind. Larry is creating new recipes that he plants into French-E-Fry’s head with many Fun Food Land characters as main ingredients!

One Bad Fry Spoils the Bunch is the first story of a series called A Fun Food Friends Adventure. There are more stories cooking. Triple Split, Fro-Yo and Icy Cube have an adventure thawing next!

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“Fun Food Friends is a lively and whimsical book that takes readers into the magical world of marshmallows and the sticky situations they get into! Children will love it.”
Amy Stuart, author of Still Mine

“...[A FUN FOOD FRIENDS ADVENTURES: One Bad Fry Spoils the Bunch]
is amusing, with an exciting story of danger averted through cooperation, planning, and daring. Joelle’s illustrations are dynamic, colorful, and expressive, helping to tell the story.”
Kirkus Reviews

“This is a great book, full of engaging illustrations and a story line that pulls in the reader as every day, ordinary foods suddenly become animated and full of personality.My feelings about French fries, hamburgers and ketchup will never be the same again!”
Robin Gregory, Ph.D., author of Popcorn Queen and Bubble Man Have a Leisurely Day

“...is a fun adventure celebrating the joy of food."
Phyllis Schwartz, Visual Artist

“The pictures are just gorgeous, with brightly coloured depictions of Food Friends. Angela and Brynna are an aunty/niece author duo...how cool is that!"
Amy Pratt, Primary School Teacher and Mom from Australia